Star Wars: Legacy of War

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away....


Star Wars: Legacy of War

It is a period of unstable peace. Despite a treaty between the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire, a cold war rages nearly as strong as the Great War it ended. The Republic nurses its grievous wounds while the Empire quietly hides its own weakened state. The Jedi have retreated to their homeworld of Tython; their numbers reduced by the war and the trust from the Republic nearly gone from their failure to protect its sovereignty.

Much of the galaxy continues to recover and rebuild from the conflict. Many systems and worlds are scarred and burnt from fighting. Others still fight for their independence. Enterprising beings have created businesses to meet the needs of a recovering galaxy. Unfortunately, pirates, criminal organizations and other scoundrels have also grown to take advantage of the weak and vulnerable.

Despite the damage and hardship caused by the Great War many continue to look ahead with hope. New worlds are being discovered and old worlds are rediscovered. Improved technologies promise to provide a better life in the civilized galaxy and opportunity exists around every corner. The galaxy moves on, steered by those who would forge a bold path….


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